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Example 9

Be amazing – Go Home Healthy

Exposure to pollutants at work is linked to ~12,000 lung disease related deaths each year.

Alicia, (Greenbank High School, Southport), made this short film, when she was undertaking a 10 day work experience placement at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Headquarters in Bootle.

Alicia researched (using HSE webpages) to find out how workers get exposed to hazardous substances, effects of exposure and the potential exposure control measures for minimising inhalation exposure.

During her research, she consulted HSE experts to make sure that she is gaining the understanding of relevant issues. After collecting relevant information, she put them in to a workable format to help her prepare a succinct PowerPoint presentation. Once finalised, it was converted into a short film.

The product developed can be used effectively at colleges and schools.

Alicia gained valuable life skills during her placement.