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Steve Mullock

I have just retired from my employment at Dudson Ltd., a family-owned business some 2019 years old. 

During this time I had various responsibilities working my way up from assistant manager through the production process to manage 50% of the manufacturing process from the Biscuit Warehouse through to despatch.

During 1990 I was asked to set up the H&S and HR process for 300 employees, moving to the sister company in 2004 where I looked after 1200 employees reducing down to 450 when I left in 2019.

It was in my second position that I had responsibilities for two manufacturing units, warehousing, one office/showroom in London and the last family remaining bottle oven. It was also during this time our Chief Executive Officer was elected to the High Sheriff of Staffordshire and eventually the Deputy Lieutentant or DL for short. 

I joined North Staffordshire Safety Group during 1990 and assisted with the exec team for the past 12 years and now have been the chairman for the past six years. 

December 2020