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- August 2020 -

The onslaught of Coronavirus / COVID 19 has resulted in many changes almost everywhere across the world and our Awards, and SGUK in general are no different.

It has therefore been agreed to cancel the Awards for 2020 for a number of valid reasons concerning Coronavirus, travel and venue availability to name but a few.

The good news is that we are working towards holding Awards for 2021 and we are taking the opportunity to fully consider tangible changes in how we do things, particularly in terms of timetable and presentation events.

More specific details will be made available in due course. However, to give you a flavour of our thoughts; we are considering slight changes to award categories whilst maintaining the traditional ones where possible; we are also considering revamping some of the entry criteria however the changes will be subtle; the main changes we are considering are in relation to the presentation ceremony, its location, time of year to be held and format. We are aiming to hold the presentation for the 2021 awards in a country location during the summer of 2022.

Whilst considering all of the practical and cost implications, we are also taking into account the results of the survey comments following 2019 awards ceremony held at the Royal Horseguards in February this year. Many will be disappointed that the event will not be held in London, but we feel that under the circumstances we have very little choice especially in terms of social distancing which many of us believe will continue for a very long time.

Once we have agreed the timetable for entrants etc, you will all be notified, but to give you some idea, we are thinking about starting the process around May 2021.

Current award holders will have the benefit of holding on to the trophies they were awarded for an extra 18 months or so.

Meanwhile, please follow guidelines, and stay healthy during these troubled times.

Kind regards

Norman Stevenson







Innovation, Development Through Education, Excellence, Outstanding Service


Information Pack


Innovation - is open to all organisations, of any size, based or operating in the UK - irrespective of whether or not they are currently members of a Safety Groups UK Group. The aim of these awards is to recognise the innovative work being done to raise the standards of health and safety and help to enhance local group membership, with recognition for the winning organisation's local group as well.


NEW for 2019 -

Development Through Education - the aim of this new category is to encourage and recognise the excellent work done that involves learners, of any age, in an initiative that demonstrates effective educational engagement to advance health and safety.


Achievement - is open to all SGUK Groups.  The Alan Butler Awards provide an opportunity to celebrate Group excellence.


Outstanding Service - the Maurice Adamson Award recognises outstanding individuals nominated by groups.




Congratulations to all 2019 winners

News and Images from the ceremony to follow soon