Safety Groups UK

Join your local Group


Membership of local Safety Groups is open to all kinds of organisations within the private, public and working sector as well as individuals on payment of a modest annual subscription that varies from Group to Group.

Groups usually hold regular meetings at convenient locations (as well as other special meetings or seminars, for example during European Health and Safety Week).

Benefits of belonging to your local Group

Groups provide:

  • A forum for occupational health and safety issues
  • Help to create common approaches to solving H&S issues
  • Help to influence key stakeholders
  • Help to create networks
  • Cost effective training
  • A way to promote education
  • A source of friendly low cost entry level advice for SME's free from the fear of enforcement

Groups hold briefings on health and safety issues, signposting current topics as well as providing a local forum for communication and discussion between employers, educational establishments, local authorities, trade unions, the HSE and other enforcement agencies